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FUNZA LUSHAKA BURSARY SCHEME FINAL RESULT NOTIFICATION FORM FULL NAME STUDENT NUMBER. A copy of my academic transcript is attached to this form. The Funza Lushaka coordinator at your institution will attach an academic transcript on your behalf Institution Date Stamp. ID Number Personal Cellphone PROVINCE SELECTED FOR PLACEMENT tick one box EC FS GP KZN LP MP NC NW WC SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING BY MAKING A TICK IN THE BOX ALONGSIDE THE APPROPRIATE STATEMENT The Funza Lushaka...
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Bursary Scheme is available for: Children in schools up to the age of 15 who cannot afford to pay for the fees they would have to borrow to attend the University). The number of children to be supported will be determined on the basis of the number of parents currently in receipt of student allowances from the Local Authority; the number of children receiving financial support is not to exceed the maximum number of children allowed for the area; the total number of children to be supported will be equal to the sum of the student's allowances, provided that all parents are also entitled to the same financial support for other children. The University will determine the financial conditions applicable to a child from the age of five (the legal age limit for entry to the UK). The University reserves the right to decline to support an unaccompanied child at a time where circumstances prevent their participation in the scheme. All applications and supporting documentation (including a completed FSWSP form) must be received by University Student Financial Services by 30th September 2010, or earlier if possible. Please email FSWSP FORM (For details on how to print and submit the form, see our help page.) FSP Scheme Number 1. The University will only support pupils who have received an offer of admission from the University. For details of admission and funding options please contact your local Local Authority. 2. To be eligible for the University's FSWSP scheme all children in the family should have received an offer of admission from the University. 3. The University will select eligible children for the scheme on the basis of income. In order that the University will be able to allocate financial support to pupils in the scheme, it is necessary that parents receive the same financial support for other children in their families. All financial support will be provided at the same rate as for all students. The University is unable to support any child in the family. If a child does not receive an offer of admission from the University then that child will be eligible for financial assistance only (for details of the conditions attached to this assistance, please see the funding conditions section of this document). 4. To be eligible for the scheme the children have to: • be under the age of 5 • already have a valid National Insurance number • be registered students at any degree-level institution • be registered for the relevant courses and courses will be chosen on the basis of their ability • need special support from their family 5.

What is Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form?

The final notification form of Funds Lusaka is a certificate issued by Funds Lusaka Bursary after passing the final examinations. It is issued to the students, who successfully passed the majority of the final exams. It also usually accompanied by the academic transcripts and the following placement recommendation.

What is the Purpose of FunzaLusakaa Bursary Final Notification Form?

Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form is issued to the participants of the Funds Lusaka Fellowship Program, a national program under the patronage of the Department of Basic Education and the National Treasury, administered by the National Student Financial Assistance System (SEAS). She certifies that the student Funds Lusaka Bursary has passed the required minimum of exams, to receive this form.

When is Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form Due?

The scholarship is valid for one year after successful fellows need to reapply each year if they want to cover the entire duration of Funds Lusaka including full-time students as well as the distance learning students that have been accepted into higher education institutions.

Is Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form Accompanied by Other Documents?

This Notification Form will reflect your academic success, usually, it also contains the future placement province box and an academic transcript of the student, whose name and ID is placed in the appropriate boxes.

What Information do I Provide in Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form?

The form is filled with the following data: student's full name, internal student identification number, personal mobile phone number, the choice of the province chosen for the subsequent placement, and the number of successfully passed exams. Often the last box is not filled by the student himself, but by a responsible person on behalf of the university.

Where do I Send Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form?

Funds Lusaka Bursary Final Notification Form is used as a certificate of academic achievement.

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